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1258 Trans Canada Hwy.

2nd Floor

Sorrento, BC, Canada

V0E 2W0
P: 250-833-6396


We are located on the second floor, above Subway, in the heart of Sorrento, BC.  Studio access is at the rear of the building.

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Kid's Yoga


Hosted by Annie Briggs


Many of us have heard that yoga has many benefits, such as lowered stress levels, decreased injuries, increased flexibility, and increased strength. These benefits can also be attained by kids of all ages! Yoga literally means "union" or "to yoke" and the yoga practices help the student to connect to their mind/body/spirit. 


To achieve these benefits we use postures, breathing techniques, and exercises that quiet the mind. In kids yoga the postures are acted out as animals, songs, and stories. The breath is used to re­-center and re-­quiet between fun, and stories are told by the teacher or students to present values (such as acceptance of differences, love for self and others, and respect for our earth).


There are a couple of general guidelines; ­Non­hurting atmosphere (physical or otherwise) ­Listening to the teacher and fellow student