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We are located on the second floor, above Subway, in the heart of Sorrento, BC.  Studio access is at the rear of the building.

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~ Class Descriptions ~

Flow & Restore


Start your week off right! This class is a great opportunity to connect with your body and breath and go with the flow. Start off with a juicy flow to get your body moving, wake up your muscle and spine and feel ALIVE! End with a soft and relaxing sequence of restorative yoga to calm down your nervous system and prepare you for the days ahead.


This class is suitable for those without pre-existing injuries or ailments. Please contact the studio if you are not sure whether this class is right for you. 


Yin/Yang Fusion

Yin Fusion is a blend between flowing in and out of the postures with the breath and then finding stillness, holding and deepening in more restorative/yin-like poses. In this class we "fuse" the Yin and Yang of yoga to deepen your practise in body and mind. Connection to breath is the emphasis here whether in movement or stillness.


Suitable for new to advanced students - not recommended for those with injuries or mobility limitations. 

Super Gentle (Rest & Restore)

Come and enjoy healing your body with yoga asana, meditation and pranayama. Asana practice will be gentle and sequential, building upon the basics as a foundation for the option of deeper poses. New to Yoga? Have injuries and limitations in your body? We recommend trying this class first!


This class is Super Gentle to make sure you open your body in the right ways before moving deeper, it is also super relaxing :) 

Hatha Flow​/Rise & Shine


Hatha Yoga is classic yoga! Connect back to the basics by warming up your body slowly, moving with breath through a variety of asanas (poses) designed to stretch and strengthen at a mellow pace. You will leave this class feeling energized, clear headed, and feeling GOOD!


Suitable for all levels and a great class to start with if you are new to the practice of Yoga and do not have any serious injuries, etc.

Empower Flow/Morning Glory Flow

In this class, using the breath as our guide, we move in a deliberate and strong way. This class is suitable to those looking to sweat a bit (or maybe alot!). Build strength, increase flexibility, become present on your mat. A great workout body and mind this class encourages you to "play with your edge", let go of fear and try something new and challenging each time. While these classes can be a bit more challenging they still have enough instruction for beginners looking for a good yoga sweat.


Because this class moves in a faster pace, it is not suitable for those with limited mobility or with injuries. Please inquire if you have any concerns.

Yin Yoga

Yin is the slow, passive opposing force to Yang; the quick and active force. In Yin yoga we hold restorative or passive postures for longer periods of time. The theory behind Yin Yoga is to deepen past our major muscles into our connective tissues. This holding and deepening breaks through muscle fibers that are created through inaction (such as sitting at a desk all day). Yin helps to increase flexibility in body and mind that one cannot obtain though a Yang practice alone.


This class suitable for all levels.

Gentle Flow​


This is a mellow flow through the postures with a stronger emphasis on alignment and instruction. Poses are similar to a Hatha class but you get into the poses in a more gentle and easy way.  


This class is a great building block for seniors, beginners and those with injuries or conditions who want to learn to flow through the body and breathe.

Hatha Yoga Fundamentals

Get back to the basics with this hatha-inspired fundamentals class. Each and every class will incorporate meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and a warming flow to get the body ready. Each class will then center around a specific pose or sequence of poses so that students can "master" and find better alignment and technique. 

This class is great for all levels. Expect to partner up sometimes!

Ashtanga Basics

Half Ashtanga "Primary Series" geared to gently introduce the body to Ashtanga style breath, drishti (gaze point) and internal energy locks or bandhas. This class will focus on efforting with ease, centering, grounding, internal awareness, and building a steady focus. 

This is a great class for all levels. 

Karma Yoga

This class was developed to give new yoga teachers an opportunity to teach to a wide variety of students in a studio setting. The class style is a "teachers choice", meaning that the instructor will choose what type of class they want to teach; it could be anywhere from restorative, gentle to a more powerful hatha flow class. This class is completely by donation, you can donate whatever amount you feel is appropriate. We recommend at least $10. If you already have an existing pass at Breathe, you are welcome to use that pass as well.

All of the teachers teaching this class have completed their 200 hour yoga teacher training with Reanna Costa owner of Breathe Yoga Studio. If you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher click here.