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1258 Trans Canada Hwy.

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Sorrento, BC, Canada

V0E 2W0
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We are located on the second floor, above Subway, in the heart of Sorrento, BC.  Studio access is at the rear of the building.

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Align: Tranformative Energetic Healing Workshop with Tye Burton


In Life we often get caught up. So caught up in our day to day that we forget; we forget how incredible our excistence on this planet we call earth is ! In this forgetting, we lose our connection with ourself and our ability to heal ourselves.


Through his own journey of self-healing, Tye learned and cultivated an incredible practice of self-transformation and self-awareness. "The age of the Guru is over. Inside each of us is the infinite potential to be everything we dreamed of being. Everyone has the capacity to heal themselves from traumas, pain (physical and emotional) and illness. I am simply showing them how to do it for themselves". 





"Aligning the Trinity: Mind, Body & Spirit"


3 Part Series: SATURDAYS ~ November 8th, 15th & 22nd 10:30-11:30AM

$20 Drop-In Only

Never Heard of Tye? Here is what people have to say: 


"Tye's classes are refreshing, and real. They left me feeling relaxed, light and more powerful in myself"


~ Ali Gray, Owner/Instructor Sweet Freedom Yoga in Salmon Arm


"Tye has married together, in a masterful way, different ideologies and methods of awakening to your true sense of self. Connecting with Tye has drastically shifted my energy and the way I view life; allowing me to step deeper into my intuition". 


~ Reanna Costa, Owner/Instructor Breathe Yoga Studio in Sorrento 


"A personal breakthrough for me! I have been having debilitating pain in my lower back due to hyper mobility in my sacroiliac joint. The past month or so it's been endless chiro and Physio and almost no yoga because if it. I was also given a belt to wear to stabilize the joint. So I went into your session with the intention that I would walk out feeling better and not wear my belt again. And wow!!! I haven't worn it, I've done pain. I saw value jn what you were saying and more specifically that statement of "my body supports me" . It has been my mantra since your class. Anytime I even "go there" with pain, I start saying it over and over in my head. Not only that but I FEEL it's truth!"


~ Tracy Wood, Client and Yoga Teacher